Honda Grom MSX125 Specs

Honda Grom MSX125 Specs

Honda Grom MSX125 Specs

Honda Grom MSX125 Specs

Honda Grom MSX125 Specs – In addition to its latest Minimoto Kawasaki launch, Honda also offers something different from what it does, other MSX 125 Honda. The design is the next door adjacent to the Kawasaki Quran 110, but of course it is owned by different forms and views, and this engine has its own characteristics indicating whether Honda is the result of the latest designs.

Features of MSX 125 Honda GROM

Unique, in addition to the small form, Honda’s MSX 125, also known as other names Honda Grom. The specifications of the machine used were not much different from a motorcycle Honda 125, it was not perpendicular to the design of the engine, not just the class Rebahan Honda 125 Honda-Made more. But something different is shown from other angles, like Minimoto, suspension up the ground down the front side. Then note that the rear damper suspension model and the mini-sized tank are also placed between handlebar steering and seating or upholstery, also performed in recent trials of Honda Minimoto. In the presence of such a form design and Super Moto, it will give you a different and much more enjoyable driving sensation, and certainly more interesting than using other types of engine, in addition, the different colors in the automotive world that is expected to be able to give its existence. Other features are braking, while a Honda Grom looks appealing. This section is reinforced with the large presence of dual discs to maximize the braking position quickly or sharply. Pull again, allowing the PAL to maneuver small, fast. While other parts, such as the kitchen floor or other advantages of Honda Grom, the PAL below can listen to more information on the Honda 125 MSX specs and price.

MSX 125 Honda specs

MSX 125 Honda specs


  • Engine type : Air-cooled 2-valve single cylinder
  • Displacement : 124.9cc
  • Bore x stroke : 52.4 x 57.9 mm
  • Compression ratio : 9.3:1
  • Maximum power : 7.2kW / 7,000 rpm (95/1/EC)
  • Maximum Torque : 10.9Nm / 5,500rpm (95/1/EC)
  • Carburettor : PGM-FI electronic fuel injection


  • Clutch : Wet multiplate
  • Final Drive : Chain
  • Gearbox : 4-speed


  • Dimensions (L×W×H) : 1760 x 755 x 1010 mm
  • Fuel Capacity : 5.5 litres
  • Fuel Consumption : 185.8 mpg
  • Ground Clearance : 160 mm
  • Kerb Weight : 101.7 kg
  • Seat Height : 765 mm
  • Trail : 81 mm
  • Wheelbase : 1200 mm



  • Frame Aluminium : Steel mono-backbone frame
  • Suspension Front : USD Front Forks, 31mm
  • Suspension Rear : Mono shock, steel square pipe swingarm
  • Wheels Front : Y-Spoke Aluminium Cast
  • Wheels Rear : Y-Spoke Aluminium Cast


  • Brakes Front : Single 220mm disc with hydraulic dual-piston brake caliper
  • Brakes Rear : Single 190mm disc with hydraulic single-piston brake caliper


  • Starter : Electric
  • Battery Capacity (VAh) : 12V 3.5Ah
  • Headlights : 35W/35W


  • Tyre Size Front : 120/70-12
  • Tyre Size Rear : 130/70-12

MSX 125 Honda Grom

Unique, interesting and different from others. The 3 words represent the presence of this Honda minimoto. Size dimensions reached 1760 mm and 755 mm underground total in length width 1010 mm, it is certainly easier to drive for users, only 101.7 kg allowed a total weight alone, riders later guarantee PAL, more mild way By performing various maneuvers. While the wheel angle of the slope of the position it brings up to 25 degrees, the rider can dilbasnya without a serious obstacle, either Hollow or steep asphalt asphalt, even though many types of terrain pass through, make you feel comfortable. The number is 160 mm, coupled with the Graun cleaning distance, or the Honda 125 MSX body is low on the ground. She’s definitely afraid of how much my friend is facing. Then I talk about the design, as I said at the beginning, the MSX 125 Honda Minimoto looks cooler, the Tank cover, given a color model line that looks like cross and fender-shaped. First, a headlight headlights are fitted with a lefty, plus the rear fender with designs that use this type of engine, providing more value in the side view of the Honda 125 MSX itself. Go to the top, buddy you will find a friend’s speed, RPM, fuel injection indicator light, main lights, lefty and all you know full digital screen indicators bring a wide range of modern style speed even if you are full and easy Buddy Automotive World New To understand that there is one person. It is more interesting, the exhaust engine parts on Usungnya are made with the neck and follow the position of the mouth kenalpot is done on the side of the right seat, of course with protective coated Anti heat, so you need to drive away from the Kawatirkan Buddy Again, because the exhaust is cool and passengers Will feel safe for you. Speaking passengers, just talk about sitting or laying. Straight on this part and precision on the ground in the shape of the Honda footed passenger. Later on the handlebar, made in the position of the circle, so the riding position is very supportive of rider Dijalanan maneuver and passengers feel relaxed when traveling away. Well to strengthen the division that looks fancy, the Honda steel frame type is used as the bearings of all components of mono-spine and is claimed to withstand the weight of this machine or user, and most importantly when confronted with steep terrain that can survive Have. While the rear suspension is only using one or usually called Mono Shock, the front side is Powered by the down mode by Honda in sunspensi position. Also note that the Y-spoke racing alloy wheels plus the big tires, the more recent Honda Minimoto skills are a complete one. And the double disc is on the brake side, the brake is embedded in the front and rear, each with a 220 mm + double caliper piston front and back dimensions of 190 mm single-piston disc caliper +, which allows braking for PAL in maximum different conditions or terrain. Switch kitchen Floor, MSX 125 Honda Mengandalkan motor type single valve 2 Silender berpekingin, with Kubicasi 124, 9cc, 9.3:1 compression ratio and contour 52.4 x 57, 9 mm. Demand maximum power can produce up to 7.2 kW rotation at 7,000 rpm engine. While having machine space, the torque allows 10.9 Nm 5, 500 rpm. There is no stopping up alone, the Honda Grom also includes 4 transmission of rapid, manual acceleration support, Berakat accelerated. Furthermore, the runway area can give you the best results in terms of speed, from above all. He has adopted the PGM-fi electronic fuel injection technology because he is sure of the money for fuel consumption, kehema.

Price Honda MSX 125

Price Honda MSX 125

Price Honda MSX 125 New


Price Honda MSX 125 Former

How much of the above Honda Monimoto review according to the PAL? Would you like a friend to be interested? If you want this bike can go to the garage, PAL has reached about 45 millions, because according to information from reliable sources, a Honda 125 MSX price can be Didalakalkan said, because first you need to prepare a budget. This kind of tag deserves to be given on the PAL Indonesian automotive lovers. There is a price Honda 125 MSX or price Honda GROM which is dianderol up to £2899, which when we taksirkan we have reached rupee RP 54 million. The price of a Honda 125 MSX is cheaper in foreign countries including, but cheaper Honda prices can still drain the bag in MSX 125. But for PAL Lovers at once, you have to have this automobile engine Hoby, as a collection. Because Honda Grom is still a bit rare and the prospect of circulating in Indonesia takes a long time. But there is no harm in standby, after Siapaa knew that the price would be cheaper than the current price of the Honda MSX 125.