Honda CB1100 Specs

Honda CB1100 Specs
Honda CB1100 Specs

Honda CB1100 Specs

Honda CB1100 Specs – One of the songs is the Honda CB1100 RS 2016 Intermot mattress has been a retro-style sexy CB1100 Sport version since 2013, but Honda’s motto would not know it from the visual statement. Honda has come across too many interesting journalists, probably the video that tells the story of Saccharin’s generation joins two wheels and it updates pretty CB1100 RS and CB1100 EX Seems to be putting more or less one breath. The big red Riot flare would be to disclose the new CBR1000RR Fireblade SP during a flash-spun whip ear splitting music and some impressive. Political publicity appeared in my inbox after the event, paragraph CB1100 as well as the second version. Honda CB1100 Specs

I guess if I lower the RS’s expectations in terms of receiving a new CB1100 warm CB1100 Honda received three years ago. Many fanfare, flat and some reviews and your rideapart admit it, but many other Mo-worship, too small Honda CB1100, your motorcycle oil, inline 4 1140cc An old school that has a real bike that you feel is perfect even if you are accidentally eating. Honda CB1100 Specs

Then a handful of updates, including other seats in a quiet Cb1100 car, add other places and six, but it still does not seem to launch imagination and open the purse of Bonneville T120 talk like enthusiasts and BMW R ninet 9 look and love to see and watch the guy’s Honda CB1100 RS I could have finally gotten things in terms of good in this category. I would like to have a chance to ride a bicycle. I would like to gather as much information about it as I found it. He wants to stimulate my appetite. Honda CB1100 Specs

Do you want to prove that the great idea goes out of style? Then just check out the new 2017 Honda CB1100 EX. Externally, it is a pure Honda Classic: Red steel tanks where cold weather engine transverse 4 aluminium polished chrome bumper round lights sidecovers sit straight and handles, steel pipes. But when you twist the throttle, you’ll see nothing retro about the performance of CB1100 EX. To displace the full 1140cc, six-speed overdrive gearbox and electronic fuel injection does not provide performance to 1970 ever classic. Honda CB1100 Specs

But we have given this new machine check out some of the details: 18 inch wire wheel front and rear, stainless steel spokes laced. What about the fuel tank? There is no seam on the bottom, so it has a super-clean, hand-built look. The headlight is a powerful LED unit and there is a new Slipper type clutch under its right engine cover. Complete example for the CB1100 just about anything you ask the bike a good idea must be used and upgraded in a Honda style it. Honda CB1100 Specs

CB1100 EX


Engine type 1140cc air-cooled Series 4 cylinders
Bore and stroke 73.5 mm x 672 mm
Ignition full transistor
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Valve train DOHC; four valves per cylinder
Induction PGM with automatic enrichment circuit, 32mm throttle body


Transmission 6 Speed
The final drive #530 O-ring-sealed chain


41 mm fork in front suspension spring preload adjustment; 4.21 inches travel
Rear suspension with spring preload adjustment adjustment twin shock; 4.49 inches travel
ABS and full floating 296mm disc and front brake dual 4 piston
Reablake syngle Caliper 256mm disc ABS
Front Tire 110/80r22.5-18
Rear Tire 140/70r-18


Rake 27.0 degrees (caster angle)
Trail 114mm (4.4 inches)
Wheel base 58.7 inches
Seat height 31.2 inches
Fuel Capacity 4.4 gallons
Weigh 540 lbs. Includes all the standard equipment, the required fluid and full tank of fuel-ready to ride.


Model ID Cb1100cah
Available Colors Candy Red
Leave the current EPA standards. The California version of the Cardinal and the current standard hydrated Bora may differ slightly because the device is sold.


1 year transfer, unlimited mileage limit guarantee; Extension coverage available in Honda’s protection plan.


Looking for a new motorcycle? These days, there are many good machines to choose from. And many of them are pretty similar on paper or if you’re comparing the spec chart. But when you actually come down to ownership, there is a world of difference. And Honda will start looking better and better. Why is that? First there is Honda’s well-known engineering-better design that makes your bike lighter and more powerful to ride better materials and more fun. Secondly, there is a reputation of Honda’s for another byproduct of reliability, great design and material. And ultimately Honda’s famous build quality. Shoot together, they will elevate your new Honda on the far top of other similar machines. Honda CB1100 Specs

Time-less measurement

The new digital instrument tucks into the classic round chrome instrument housing-perfect for both worlds. You get the proper looks and all the electronic features you would expect from a modern bike. Honda CB1100 Specs

41 mm Front Fork

The CB1100 EX is equipped with the Showa dual bending valve (SDBV) 41 mm front forks, using two valves to produce both the feel of the linear suspension and the compression and rebound damping force for superior control.

Disc brake pads for three persons.

What is this retro: EX large twin disc front CB1100 and one disk is light and less heat retention function and smooth stops. Prediction and efficient. Of course Have the ABS system is standard equipment. Honda CB1100 Specs

Steam two to four

Four exhaust pipes of this classic bike EX CB1100 with sounds sharp and chrome finish is highlighted too well.

Air 1140cc engine

With this size of engine you have all good enough to ride the road to life. Cruise time or passenger transport easily. Black aluminium engine highlights thoroughly dark. Engine cylinder head features who wear aluminum, natural finish on the lid and silver engine with polished aluminum bot request, Chrome cover and cam.

Large oil tanks that seamless

With 4.4-gallon and EX CB1100 fuel tank. In addition to the excellent motorcycle fire give you much of a range. Fuel injection type program (PGM). There are three benefits of PGM began to cool weather better. No drama is high and chalk. Honda CB1100 Specs

The steel chassis

Just drain off a series four-cylinder engines, such as the full steel chassis CB1100 EX cradle of twin loop. Shock mount bed will make the appearance. But this is not some retro frame: Honda’s chassis engineers are decorated with modern materials and construction technologies. The result is a bike that looks good in both, and should be handled like a modern bike. Honda CB1100 Specs

The comfortable riding position

Four classic timeline of Honda CB1100 are much like new and is riding it for ten minutes, or 2 hours and you will find that it is one of the most easy living on each floor. Honda CB1100 Specs

Steel swing

Combined with the industry’s twin frame EX CB1100 full cradle tubular steel. Steel swing obesity as part of a package, excellent handling of the motorcycle. Honda CB1100 Specs

Twin shock rear suspension

It is easy to adjust. There is a function to adjust the preload and the new suspension such as Cho CB1100 compliance improvement and proves that the original design with superior handling characteristics. 2-channel anti-lock system. Honda’s ABS system is standard versions EX CB1100 added confidence when it stops in fewer conditions.

Spoke wire wheels

Classic spoke wheels look great, but back with EX CB1100 hoop stainless spokes hub aluminium wheels and 40 light and strong running, such as very good. Honda CB1100 Specs