Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

honda msx125 monkey bike
Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike – The other day my wife gleefully showed me a chap video on YouTube dancing and singing about pineapples and pens. To her and her friends, it was the most hilarious thing they had ever seen, and more than 85 million people seem to agree. Personally, I don’t get it, but it’s the whole point of madness–some it’s great, it’s completely cryptic to others. And that’s exactly the effect that Honda’s msx125 have on riders.

It seems incongruous for a company like Honda to build a machine that has developed such a subculture as a MSX. But that’s what the mini-street Xtreme 125 has done–but not under the name Honda gave it. To be completely immersed in this strange monkey world for the modern generation, you should call it by its more popular street name-Grom. Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

The actual meaning of the word ‘ Grom ‘ is a source of conjecture, but it is generally not reckoned to relate to American surfer dudes. But what is not for discussion is the effect of Grom on two-wheeled culture. Every corner of the world appears to have a club or group of fellow Grom owners who gather together to ride this 125. Dig a little deeper and get into the murky world of Grom customization and performance enhancements.
So what exactly is the charm of a 9.6 horsepower mini bike? Being 6 2 and 14 stone was the ideal candidate I should find, so I was determined to grab the key to a perfectly standard msx125Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

Grom Ride

Groms attracts attention and on that day-Glo yellow our particular bike is indeed glance. With its transformer style headlights and red calipers, it just makes you smile. Grom’s certainly a small bike, but it’s not cramped, stupid, even with a tall fella like yourself. It’s a full lock my knees hit the bar and the mirror is close, so I go sideways to see what I see, but it’s actually amazingly spacious.
Unlike a monkey bike, one clown feels like riding a mini bike, but Grom is medium sized and can be ridden by anyone of any stature (just about). The start of my trip was on the main road and the engine saw a little mirror (I hit Vertigo 64mph once) at 60 and it I was so frightened to see the lorry behind the towering top-but it’s nothing big bore kit. Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

B-Road Madness

Groms is not designed for a major road, however; they come alive in the back roads and busy cities, so I turned off the a-road and took to the country lanes which is where I began to understand the fascination with Grom. In a tight and winding road, Grom is hysterical. Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

Just 1200mm that short wheelbase, and the wide 12in tires make it super agile and you attack each corner as if it was your last, desperately saving every single mph. I refuse to close the throttle, I have life and limbs I’m reminded of my days as a teenage hooligan at 125 as I risked the barrel around a slight semblance of control just swerving.

The speed is like you never feel like you are going to hurt yourself, but the weight and small size of the Grom light 101kg mean that you just chuckle around and laugh. I can imagine the chaos if the Grom group was added to the equation-this is exactly what most owners do and why the Grom club is springing up all over the world.

Traffic Light Grand Prix

Grom in town is great. Thanks to its small size, you can zip through the gap and low gear means you can earn the most traffic light GPs, while the position of the seat puts you on the level with the driver of the car, so it is not ignored. Brakes ABS Lacking (which will probably arrive for 2018) they are strong and the fact that they don’t have any electronic watchdog means that you can do skid or stoppies if you feel the urge. 185mpg claim fuel economy added to this–yes, you read that right–and £ 3293 price and you’ve got a cheap motoring–but on the day of killing a little 125, I got a slightly disappointing 100mpg. Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

So I can now understand the appeal of Grom? Grom with standard trim is great fun with backroads and cool city tools with looks that make people stop and smile–but it’s bloody slow, even for 125. The fact that the bare bones are all out there has led to such a giggle and attractive many companies devise solutions to the shortcomings of Grom.
If I had a group of Grom, I could see my garage being full of big boa kits, adding another funny dimension to the experience. Definitively, Grom makes me smile and at the end of the day, that’s the fundamental reason we all ride the bikeHonda MSX125 Monkey Bike

The fun here happens at a speed of 60, making it much cheaper for a license to run as well as more friendly than sportsbike. So yes, this is one fad I can buy into. As that chap sings about pineapple and pen, just type PIKOTARO-PPAP on YouTube and see what you reckon. Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike


Grom looks cool, is hysterical for a ride and comes with a cool scene to get caught in, it’s also an excellent city bike, threatening for a frugal and very non-new rider to run. Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

Honda MSX125, £ 3293
Engine : 124.9 cc 2v air-cooled single
Power : 9.6 bhp @ 7000
Torque : 8ftlb @ 5500rpm
Suspension :
Front : Inverted fork, non-adjustable
Rear : Single shock, non-adjustable.
Brakes : 220 mm disk, 2 piston; 190mm disc, 1 piston.
Tire F : 120/70 12in, R: 130/70 12in
Weight : 101.7 kg
Seat Height : 765mm
Tank Capacity : 5.5 liters
MPG : 185 (required, test 100mpg)
Rider AIDS : None

The first time you are immediately impressed with the styling is msx125 up close and if it’s the perfect bike for a youngster, he or she wants to stand out from the crowd. Second thoughts that come into your head, ‘! It’s small. So when men from Honda give you directions such as doing a bit of infamous M25 you’re kind of a little wary. All concerns evaporated quickly even once you’re in it. The engine sounds very good through the big bore exhaust and the gearbox and clutch are nice and light. Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

The seat itself is a little difficult, even though it is not cramped in the small seat position. The engine packs a punch, it’s a mass of liveliness and rotates to the 8500rpm red line. You soon realize it’s a great little town tool, it turns the filter over the tight of the Pence, the gap, and you’re a good little car from the lights. The engine really impressed me, the four-speed box is the Honda slick, and thanks to its tacky rubber, the ratio is completely spaced so it can move along pretty well and make it around the corners well enough. Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

It comes as a wonderful surprise to get a vibrant engine that you feel like you can filter before the cue, the lights go green when you have a lot of 125cc four strokes leaving everyone behind very comfortably. I reckon the MSX suffers from the little guy syndrome and it must be difficult to see the world. My GPS puts it in a more realistic 64, but the top speed is 67mph indicated, but it’s still not bad, but the head wind is quite power sap. I wouldn’t fancy it more than a few junctions on it, but on the freeway, the bike felt stable and too slow.

Good things come in a small package and you have to be sleepy if you don’t believe me. MSX125 is the perfect bike for teenagers with an attitude, give one a try, you’ll be impressed. Honda MSX125 Monkey Bike

+Points: Great engine, individual styling
-Points: Many rooms for Snow White on the back, not good for long distance

Price : £2600
Power : 9.65 Horsepower, 8 lbs
Dry weight : 101.7 kg
Seat Height : 765mm
Color : yellow, red, white, black