Honda VFR1200F Specs

Honda VFR1200F Specs

Honda VFR1200F SpecsVFR1200F is currently the most expensive bike of Honda available in our India bike market. This sport bike is popular worldwide because of its unique characteristics. In this review, we will try to figure out more about this reputable sports bike. The bike has such an attractive design that you can’t take down your eyes. VFR1200F looks very aggressive and stylish with clear metallic paint. It has an amazing face that features a large headlight and a transparent visor of its V-shaped. The extension of this visor was also given a silver finish, which carries a chrome-close rear mirror with an integrated clear lens indicator. The front cowl is pointed keenly around the headlights, which merge cleanly into the side fairing.

Honda has placed a compact front fender on this bike that is extended along the front forks and looks awkward with a twin disc plate on both sides. It sports an integrated black color and aerodynamic plane fairing under the cowl. This side fairing adds a sporty character to this bike and gets it well connected to the raised fuel tank. That step-up sheet adds a visual appeal to this bike.

Honda VFR1200F Specs

Honda VFR1200F

VFR1200F is currently the most expensive bike of Honda available in our India bike market. This sport bike is popular worldwide because of its unique characteristics. In this review, we will try to figure out more about this reputable sports bike.

Honda VFR1200F – Design

The bike has a black-colored side panel and partially silver-finished rear cowl that complements the color scheme of this bike. Honda VFR1200F sports a chunky chrome-finished silencer that looks spectacular with its silver alloy wheels. The rear cowl of this bike features an integrated clear lens indicator that houses the LED tail lights. The bike looks very macho when viewed from behind thanks to its wide rear tyre and extended fender Honda VFR1200F.

Honda VFR1200F has an analog-to-digital instrument console that combines a new era. The bike has two LCD, separated by a circular dial that houses an analog tachometer. Bicycles have digital speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer, 2 trip meter, clock and other important indicators. The bike carries numerous LED indicators in this instrument console, which provides important information to the rider Honda VFR1200F.

The Honda VFR1200F nearby weight 267kgs but from 1545 mm extended wheelbase and suspension systems are permitted. This bike was never actually manages to weigh this talented high speed with the 125 mm ground clearance This bike can easily catch the pace. It offers a good road grip that as a hard stick on the road, thanks to its wide tires the cornering ability of this bike is praised. The stability of the slow speed of this machine is also impressive and you don’t have to worry while running it in city traffic. The combined braking system of this bike offers great control over this bike. ABS gives you precise braking and works fast and effectively Honda VFR1200F.

Honda VFR1200F – Features

Honda VFR1200F features a liquid cooled 4-stroke 1237cc engine. This Unicam v engine is a modern engineering marvel that pumps a massive power output of 172 horsepower at 10000 rpm. The maximum torque production of this engine is 129 nm, arriving at 8750 rpm. This engine is equipped with a manual as well as a six-speed gearbox that is available for automatic transmissions. It has one gear down and five gear-up shifting patterns. This bike also holds a record of being the first bike to function a dual clutch transmission Honda VFR1200F.

Engine specifications are sufficient to assume a high level of performance. This bike reaches 0-100 km/within 5 seconds. It has a well matched gear ratio and a juicy gearbox. The automatic variant of this bike is fun to drive as it is available with three ride options. The first is fully automated and in D mode it helps to save some fuel. In the second mode, the bike change is to give the sporty riding experience and gear itself at a high engine speed. In the third driving mode, riders can change gears using a paddle. These modes can be selected by the switch on the handlebars of this bike. This engine is not as gentle and sophisticated as the engine of the perch to lower its size, Honda has compromised on sophistication. This engine becomes noisy after 8000 rpm and cannot match the high-end performance of other competitors. Despite this, vfr1200 F can easily cross the speed of 200 km/and may go beyond it. It’s always a pleasure to ride this bike on the highway, but it’s pretty impressive in the city, even helping many overtaking. It features an electronic wire connection throttle that properly powers this heavy bike at low rpm. Honda VFR1200F may return to you the overall fuel efficiency around the 12kmpl.

Honda VFR1200F Specs

Honda VFR1200F Specs

Honda VFR1200F offers a high seat stance with a clip on the handle bar. The lever of this bike hand is adjustable by the need of a rider five ways that can be adjusted. Honda uses the highest quality of dough in its seats, giving the perfect comfort for a long journey. The rear set foot peg will give your knees and aerodynamic riding stance round that fuel tank. Honda VFR1200F Specs There is no storage space in the VFR1200F, but the front has a powerful headlight, two six-piston calipers, and a safety feature such as a calliper of 2 pistons on the back. Honda VFR1200F Specs Bike Sport 43mm Front telescopic with a pro link gas charge rear shock with fork and back. The brake system is a combination of the brake system equipped with ABS as standard. VFR1200F features 320 mm dual floating hydraulic disc brakes with its front and 276 rear disk brakes.

Honda VFR1200F has a 17-inch alloy wheel. Honda offers one variant of this bike in two different colors. Honda VFR1200F comes with a whooping price tag of INR 17.62 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi (about, may vary)). This bike is truly one of a kind in terms of look, ride and handling. It also offers exclusive features such as electronic throttle and dual clutch transmission. Yes, it’s overpriced and it’s more expensive than other competitors with a good margin, but the screaming looks of this bike can easily entice you to buy it Honda VFR1200F.